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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Been to Graceville Lately?

New Lights Shining On Brown Street
A mixing of the new with the old in downtown Graceville has never been more apparent than at this time. In the heart of Graceville, the little town that sits on the Northwest edge of Jackson County, there is a street with a lot of history. In downtown Graceville, on Brown Street where one who drives through this quaint little town, which saw the glory days pass a number of decades ago, sits a brand new business. This new business is striving to blend the new with the old.
As you drive down this street you will see the abandonment of many buildings. Some of these buildings have literally fallen in, and represent an eyesore to the community. Others have been boarded up so as not to reveal what lies inside. Within the walls of these forgotten buildings lies a rich history that has also been forgotten, or at least that is the message being communicated to the citizens of this community and those who work here as well.
For a few, these decaying buildings are an unacceptable dynamic that even in these hard economic times should be addressed. An example of the blending of the new with the old is being exercised in the restoration of what used to be known around the turn of the last century as Cash Drug Store. In this building with a rich history in the community, located at 5327 Brown Street, is a new business, appropriately named the “WRAP N FRAP Café”.
The WRAP N FRAP Café and its owners are seeking to join with a few other restored structures along Brown Street and to simultaneously restore a rich history of retail marketing in the area, with customers slipping in the various shops as they walk down these historic sidewalks.
In the old Cash Drug Store much of the community business of downtown Graceville was reportedly conducted for many decades. While not seeking to necessarily restore that tradition of political activity, the WRAP N FRAP is attempting to bring the community together. Our goals are to: bring local citizens and workers together for a casual lunch experience over a fresh sandwich wrap or a bowl of soup made fresh daily with the freshest products; bring community members together as they experience a 100% fruit Smoothie or a Frozen Coffee as the summer season sets in; bring community folks together as they drop by after school or work and pick up a dessert for later and bring together our community for the concert events which will be announced each month.
Just as in the days gone by long ago, where folks gathered together to share their lives at The Cash Drug Store, now one can again do so at the WRAP N FRAP.
Come in and enjoy the music or big screen television. Stay awhile, relax and enjoy the atmosphere at the WRAP N FRAP Café.

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