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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Party Is Over….

Paint and Pork Spring Festival Was Another Great Event for Jackson County
By Sid Riley

They came…they painted the pork (with sauce), …they ate the pork,…they listened to the great music,…they went ooh and aah at the fireworks,…. they ran the run, ….they ate some more pork,….they appreciated the arts and crafts,….and most importantly they all had a great time this weekend at the Paint and Pork Spring Festival. Organizers stated that over 3500 attendees were at the event on Friday, and another 1500 came on Saturday, making the total attendance exceed 5,000. The wet parking area problem was resolved with an efficient shuttle system from the Chipola campus parking areas, and the “show went on”!
The barbeque team of “Que nut” was the Grand Champion cooking team for this year’s event, enabling them to now go to the giant BBQ Cook Off for the Memphis Network Championship representing Marianna’s entry. They also won $2,000 and an impressive trophy.
Winners by professional category were: Ribs - Que nut, Shoulder - Jack’s Old South, whole hog - Bubba’s Grill. In the ancillary contests the winners by category were: Poultry - Bubba’s Grill, Dessert - Holey Sow, Stew - Boggy Pond BBQ Brigade, Sauce - Dixie-Que, Anything Butt - Southern Chefs and Bubba Grills (tie), and Peoples Choice Winner - Que nut.
In the arts competition, committee member Lisa Pelt said there were over 365 entries, which exceeds last years total by over 100. The arts portion of the festival experienced a huge growth in entries and interest this year. Winners will be published in next weeks issue.

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