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Friday, May 1, 2009

Marianna Commission Seeks Stimulus Funds

Official approve applying for $4.7 million dollars for Phase One project on modernization of city water system.
By Sid Riley
At Thursday’s special meeting of the Marianna City Commission the commissioners listened to a presentation given by Amir Zafar. P.E., of Hatch Mott Macdonald. This is the firm which has been conducting an in-depth analysis of the infrastructure of the city to identify critical areas of need, to determine costs, and to develop programs of implementation.
The defined Phase 1 project of the water delivery systems updating involves areas of the system all over the city which are most in need of replacement. Much of the older system is made of cast iron piping which is badly rusted and corroded. This causes a tremendous leakage problem which overworks system pumping stations, and often results in periods of low or lost pressure.
The proposal involves having the city submit the defined project for funding through the State Revolving Fund, which is the vehicle through which these types of state projects are receiving federal stimulus funds. The SRF can approve up to 85% funding for such a project. The balance of the funding would have to be achieved through other funding approaches, perhaps loans to the city from USDA or other agencies.
Phase 1 would refurbish approximately 28% of the city’s total water system. New fire hydrants would be included in the replacement processes, and where needed, additional fire hydrants would be installed. If the planned approach succeeds, the program could be accomplished without having any impact on existing water rates.
The commissioners unanimously approved proceeding with the application processing.
In other matters, City Manager Jim Dean reports that the Kelson Avenue project is nearing completion. The planned completion date is May 7.

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