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Thursday, June 4, 2009

182 Graduation Caps Fly At Marianna High

Final Rites Given Friday Evening to Class of 2009
By Sid Riley
Extreme joy, a feeling of pride of accomplishment, anticipation of new adventures, all mixed with a twinge of sadness…that is the graduation experience. As a graduate you suddenly realize that your secure, ordinary world of getting up every morning and going to school, dealing with mom and dad, rooting for the school teams, hanging out with your lifelong friends, eyeing the student of the opposite sex which has you infatuated at the moment, keeping up with the latest school gossip, learning, developing, and growing….is about to change. You find yourself standing alone on the threshold of adulthood. It suddenly becomes frightening.
The class of 2009 at Marianna High School has 182 graduates, with sixty five "honors" graduates. There were four Valedictorians with perfect 4.0 averages, and one Salutatorian.
The Valedictorians were Megan Daniels, Dustin Miller, Don Nowell, and Chase Taylor. The Salutatorian was Austin Bruckner.
Principal Randy Ward handed out the diplomas to the graduates. Festivities at "Project Graduation" followed the ceremonies.
Our affiliate company, A&K productions has prepared an edited DVD of the entire graduation ceremony for sale. If you are interested in obtaining a memorial DVD of the graduation of the MHS class of 2009, call 573-4857

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