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Thursday, June 4, 2009

City Annexes Caverns State Park

City completes annexation of three parcels of land on North side of town.
By Sid Riley
In a significant move, the City of Marianna completed the annexation of three parcels of land on its Northern border at Tuesday’s regular meeting of the City Commission. These parcels included;
● 1340 Acres which encompasses the entire boundaries of the Caverns State Park and the Caverns Golf Course.
● 324 Acres which is the John Ratzlaff family trust properties which is located on the north border of the Chipola River as you cross Yancey Bridge between the Caverns Golf Course and the river.
● 1.03 acres at the Yancey Bridge landing, which was recently deeded to the City by the Jackson County Commission.
The new Caverns Park Manager, Chris Hawthorne was at the meeting and explained that the primary purpose of this change is to enable the park to utilize the full benefits of the city water and sewage systems.

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