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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Community Mobilizes in Effort To Help A Neighbor

Grand Ridge citizens demonstrate the love and caring spirit of their community. By Sid Riley
If you had a neighbor who found out she had a very serious form of cancer and you knew she could not afford to pay for the treatment she desperately needed, how far would you be willing to go to enlist help for her?
Some people might nod sadly when they were told of the situation, think to themselves "I’m glad it is not me", and then they would go back to their television to watch some silly reality TV show. That is not the case with the loving, Christian people of Grand Ridge and surrounding rural communities.
Instead they have organized a working group of concerned neighbors who are mobilized in raising funds to help their friend in need, Monica Franscona. Monica has been diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer, has had surgery, and is now in post-surgical chemotherapy treatment.
This treatment program requires her to travel out of town to a cancer treatment center every other week for a three day cycle of treatment. The cost of her treatment has already exceeded $70,000 and is still accumulating. The 37 year old mother of two can not pay for this level of treatment.
The caring people of the Grand Ridge area have responded to her need. As a fund raising effort they have organized a mini-festival which will be held at the Grand Ridge community center on June 6 at 5:00 PM. Chicken plates will be sold for $6.00. Games, slides and pony rides for children; a silent auction with many great, donated items for sale, home made cakes, door prizes, for the adults. Perhaps the most enticing offering of the event will be the opportunity to buy a ticket to try to dunk Sneads Police Chief McAlpin or School Board Member Charlotte Gardner. A number of great musicians will be entertaining during the festivities.
Bring a lawn chair and some money to help in a worthwhile cause. If you would like to donate or participate, contact Janice Cloud at 592-9563 or 557-3015.

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