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Friday, June 12, 2009

Lee Miller Recommends Danny Sims as 2009-2010 Cottondale High School Principal

Lee Miller Makes Staffing Recommendations to School Board for Approval. Marianna High, Cottondale High, Golson Elementary, Grand Ridge Middle School, and Adult Ed would all have new principals.
By Sid Riley

Lee Miller has recommended to the School Board that Principals at five of the schools in Jackson County be rotated. No one lost their job, and one additional Principal position was filled, and one new Principal was hired. Looks like a win-win situation with no one losing.

The most stunning part of the recommendations submitted to the School Board was Lee Miller’s recommended appointment of past Superintendent of Schools, Danny Sims, for the position of Principal of Cottondale High School.

Another of the most significant changes, Mary Sue Neves, Principal at Golson Elementary will become the new Principal at the largest school in the county, Marianna High School. Randy Ward, previous Principal at MHS has emptied his desk and moved his belongings to the Principal’s desk at Grand Ridge Middle School.

This bumped the Principal at Grand Ridge, Elizabeth Westmoreland, to the Adult Education Principal where Bryan Johnson has been wearing two Principal’s hats, Adult Education Principal and Sunland School Principal. He will wear only the Sunland Hat next year. Don Wilson, the Principal at Cottondale, has been tagged to move to the Principal’s chair at Golson Elementary, where Mary Neves was sitting this past year.

When Lee Miller was asked why these changes were made, he stated that the primary emphasis was to better utilize the qualifications and abilities of available staff. He stated that to not utilize the tremendous skills and knowledge of Danny Sims for the betterment of the Jackson County School System would constitute a disservice to the citizens and parents of the county. He also cited the fact that Mary Sue Neves was previously the Superintendent of Schools for Calhoun County, and she is recognized for her curriculum development abilities. These skills will be of tremendous benefit to Marianna High School. She was being underutilized at Golson Elementary.
“These changes give the school system a tremendously skilled and experienced team for direction and improvements within our school system in the coming years,” Lee Miller stated.
“We all look forward to the tasks before us.”

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