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Sunday, October 4, 2009

9-11 Memorial Conducted by "Concerned American Patriots"

"Tea Party" group holds memorial service on Court House steps
By Sid Riley
Approximately 100 local citizens took time on a busy Saturday morning to stand in a sprinkling rain to say prayers of memory for those thousands of innocent men, women, and children, who lost their lives during that dastardly attack by Muslim extremists on our homeland eight years ago. They vowed to dedicate their energies to restoring America to what it has been in decades past, and to support the protection of our citizens and defense of our nation.
After an opening prayer delivered by Reverend "Cap" Pooser, the group recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and sang the national anthem. A speaker phone conversation with Elaine Thompson, who was in Washington at the national tea party march on Washington, updated the group on the huge crowds which were assembling there.
A patriotic and inspirational address was presented by Rev. Gary Cook of the Shady Grove Pentecostal Church. He spoke on how complacency, created out of affluence, had created the environment which allowed the 9-11 attack to be successful. He reminded the crowd of the fact that "We do not work for the Government, the Government should be working for us!" He stated that our jobs nationally and locally have been allowed to go to China. He reminded of the good jobs which once existed here from Russell Corp., Lehigh Furniture, West Point Pepperell, and other companies. " All we have left are jobs in Correctional Facilities, and not everyone wants to work in a prison", he stated. "Government jobs are about all that is left, and if we all work for the government, we have communism."
He reminded attendees that the most powerful weapons we have left are the rights to free speech, the right to assembly, the right to bear arms, and our VOTE! He urged getting rid of all representatives who do not really represent the wishes of the people they represent.
He was followed by Rev. Eddie Eaton, of Bonifay’s West Pittman Baptist Church. Eaton gave an interesting update on the situation at Pace High, where the ACLU has filed criminal contempt charges against two educators who dared say a blessing at a banquet being held as part of a fund raising effort. He told how the ACLU had initially coerced the Department of Education in Tallahassee, along with their legal staff, to accept and promote a set of rules of religious conduct for educators to follow. These rules were adopted by most school boards in the state….so the school officials "rolled over" for the ACLU.
According to Rev. Eaton, these rules prohibit an educator from lowering his head in a silent prayer before a meal or any other occasion, on school property, even if he is sitting alone.
Additionally, the educator can not pause out of respect if they pass a student with their head bowed in personal prayer. Of course, prayers are banned before or during any athletic, social, or formal school event.
Eaton related how the first test case at Pace was a teacher who had her husband say a blessing at a banquet being held in recognition of school support staff. A trial ensued with eleven ACLU lawyers presenting arguments, while the teacher only had one lawyer. After ten hours of testimony, the judge ruled in favor of the teacher.
Next came the ACLU case against the two Pace coaches, each with over 30 years of service to the school system. They have been told by the State DOE they will lose their pensions if they lose this case. The case will begin proceedings on Thursday, the day this paper is distributed. A "Right To Pray Defense Fund" has been created. Here in Jackson County, we have already raised over $1700 to help them.
Eaton urged the crowd to action. "It is time we reclaimed our rights, and return reason to our school system," he exclaimed. He urged the crowd to look up the Northwest Ordinance of 1789 which was passed unanimously by the same group of legislators who created the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This legislation instructs new school systems being created in new states to (1) Teach religion, (2) Teach morality, and (3) Teach knowledge. "The courts have ignored this philosophy as they rendered the liberal doctrines which have helped ruin our culture and schools today", Eaton stated.
At the end of the meeting, numerous local Pastors who were in attendance were recognized. Someone in the crowd asked, "How many of our local elected officials are here?" When there was no response, he stated, "Point Made!" as the crowd responded.
The "Concerned American Patriots" will hold their next regular meeting at the Agicultrual Center at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, September 21.

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