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Sunday, October 4, 2009

October is Breast Cancer Month

The Jackson County Times will feature a breast cancer story each week during October.

By Sid Riley

Just hearing the words “Breast Cancer” spoken is enough to send a chill down a person’s spine. There are many stories out there, too many, of beautiful, productive women who have been suddenly stricken with this dreaded malady. Some stories end in happiness as the treatment is successful. They defeat the cancer and become survivors, other stories have tragic endings.

Each year the Jackson County Times runs a month long feature emphasizing the importance of continuing self examination and regular imaging in order to catch any developing problem as early as possible. We take pride in knowing we have been partially responsible for some detecting a cancer at its beginning phase, and thus helping the stricken woman beat the disease.

We encourage all of our readers to become active in this fight. If you are a woman, stay informed, engage in a proactive detection program, encourage other women you care about to do the same. If you are a man, donate to worthwhile charities and programs which are helping women fight this disease, and if possible, give of your time and talents to this effort.

It is our hope that some of the stories we will present this month will positively impact many of our readers.

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