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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

“Pennies For Pencils”…Thank You Jackson County!

Jackson County Times Awards $1335 in checks to local grade schools from county wide donations in “Pennies for Pencils” program.
By Sid Riley

At this weeks Principals Meeting, Stephanie Parker, Editor, and Sid Riley from the Jackson County Times presented checks to the principals of every grade school within the Jackson County School System. Additional checks will be given to the Principals at Day Spring Christian Academy and Victory Christian Academy.

The program which took place in August involved a county wide advertising program in which local businesses supported their community school, and collection canisters located at retail stores throughout the county where local residents donated “pocket change”. Additionally, civic clubs were encouraged to give to the effort. These funds are earmarked to assure that every child entering the school system in every Jackson County elementary school has the paper, pencils, and other supplies they need.

And Jackson County responded to the effort. A total of $1335.00 was collected for the program. Some donations were allocated on a county wide basis, while others were given to specific schools in the community in which the funds were donated. These funds were distributed on the following basis.


Golson Elementary


Riverside Elementary


Hope School

$ 73.00

Day Spring Christian Academy $ 73.00


Elementary $154.00

Victory Christian Academy $ 38.00

Grand Ridge Elementary

$ 88.00

Cottondale Elementary


Graceville Elementary $245.00

Malone Elementary


The Marianna Rotary Club, the VFW Auxiliary, and the Children of the American Revolution, Henry Arnold Ford, all graciously donated to the program. Area businesses and individuals who participated included: Tyndall Federal Credit Union, Marianna Toyota, Chipola Ford, Register’s Meats, Southern Cattle Company, McDaniel’s Grocery, Countrywide Communications, Beauchamp’s Hardware, Better Brain Care, Waller’s Enterprise, Arrezzio Pizza, West Florida Electric Coop, Florida Public Utilities, Malone IGA, Daun Crews, Max Basford, and most importantly the hundreds of generous county citizens who dropped their pocket change into the collection canisters. To all …we say “THANK YOU!!” Because of your generosity many first graders were made very happy.

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