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Monday, December 28, 2009

Gas Prices Were $1.97 /gal. at McCoys!

Rivertown Community Church Sponsors $1.97 Gasoline at McCoy’s Food Mart

By Sid Riley

Things were hopping even more than normal for a Saturday morning at McCoy’s Food Mart in Marianna as motorist lined up at the pumps to take advantage of $1.97 per gallon gasoline prices sponsored by the Rivertown Community Church. This is the second Saturday this organization has sponsored such a promotion in Marianna.

As cars pulled up to the pump, volunteer church members provided “full service” treatment, including pumping the gasoline, washing windows, and making the customer feel special. They also gave them some church literature and a welcome to come to a service.

The Rivertown Community Church is a steadily growing, non-denominational, religious group located in Blountstown. “We had around 125 members driving to Blountstown from Jackson County for services every Sunday, so we felt it was time to begin a Marianna church,” stated Darren Tucker, the Marianna Campus Pastor. “Our beliefs stress the importance of contributing and helping within the community, and we hope to enhance those concepts at our new Marianna Church.” The church hopes to build its own facility in the near future.

The new church has made arrangements with school administrators to temporarily lease the new High School Auditorium each Sunday for services. Their grand opening service will be held Sunday, January 10, at 11:00 AM. Everyone is welcome.

Editor’s Note:

The Jackson County Times has been asked to question how a religious organization can use school facilities for the purpose of conducting religious services. We contacted Jackson County School Superintendent, Lee Miller, and posed this question. Miller explained that the School Board had initially contacted Ms. Joy Frank, the attorney for the Florida Association of District School Superintendents for guidance in this matter. They were informed that if the property is properly leased through contractual lease agreements, a religious organization has the same rights of leasing as would any other entity. The school is merely in a landlord position, and has no role in the use of the facility, thus making the process legal.

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