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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Note from Sharon Cox, Property Appraiser

Greetings to everyone from Sharon Cox, your Jackson County Property Appraiser! I just want to remind the homeowners of Jackson County who have moved, bought or built a home, placed a mobile home on their property in 2009 to make a new application for Homestead Exemption in 2010. A mobile home must be declared as real property by the owner(s) in our office to be assessed on the tax roll. Property owners must reside on their property as of January 1st to receive Homestead Exemption. In order to receive Homestead Exemption, the property owner(s) will need a Florida Drivers License or Florida ID Card, Florida Car Registration and if the owner(s) vote, a Jackson County Voters Card in the precinct where they live. These items must be dated prior to January 1, 2010. This information, along with a social security number, is required for all owners who live on the property. We will officially begin accepting applications January 4, 2010 and March 1, 2010 is the last day to apply!!! Receiving this exemption saves you tax dollars!

• Remember, January and February of each year is the period of time to apply for any type of tax exemption—other than Homestead, there is Widow or Widower’s Exemption, Senior Citizen, various Disability Exemptions and Veterans Exemption—If you are a disabled service- connected veteran and are not receiving this exemption, please contact this office immediately for information on this or any other exemptions a property owner may qualify for. We will assist you with any benefits available to you through the Property Appraiser’s Office allowed by State Laws.

Those Property owners who acquired agriculture land in 2009 should also make a new application for the agriculture classification, if it is bona fide agricultural property.

There are many folks who do not hear radio or newspaper announcements concerning exemptions, so if you have a friend or family member, who needs this assistance, please have them contact us. Our office number is 482-9646 if we can assist you. Don’t forget the March 1st Deadline!

“We are here to serve you---Jackson County!”

Thank you and I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!

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