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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tornado Sighted Near Jacob

By Sid Riley

It was a stormy Wednesday morning in Jackson County and across the Florida Panhandle area. The local severe weather activity seemed to be at its worse at daylight, while hundreds of Jackson County School System buses were busy traversing almost every road in the county gathering our most precious commodity….our children.

It is reported that one school bus driver was forced to pull off the roadway near Jacob because of the severity of the rainfall and winds. While the bus was waiting for weather to subside the driver reported on the bus radio system that she had just seen a tornado “moving north towards Campbellton”. There was also a report of a vehicle which was in a ditch, possibly blown there by the storm. It was initially reported to be a J-Trans vehicle.

The Jackson County Times dispatched a reporter to the Jacob area, but there was no evidence of any damage in the area. Possibly the funnel cloud never touched the ground.

The storm has now passed, and we are all thankful our children made it to school safely….on a potentially dangerous morning.

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