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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Better and Better!

Have you noticed the new features in our paper?

During the past few weeks the Jackson County Times has included several new features which we feel will make our publication more enjoyable, and easier to read. First, we have created a special page just for the Senior Citizens of Jackson County. On this page you will find feature stories on subjects of particular interest to seniors, schedules of activities for seniors, and periodically a feature story on a selected citizen.

Another new feature is the Jackson County Agriculture Page, which is full of farm news, stories featuring individual farms in the county, market reports, and agricultural activities. Also, we now have an extensive service directory in the paper which provides a quick reference area if you need repairs or special services.

We continue to be the only newspaper with a full weekly television listing in one easy to use issue. Also, please take time to visit our great web site,
www.jacksoncountytimes.net. There you will find our feature stories, breaking news, current obituaries, (which we print for free on the web and in the paper) weather, blogs, Book Talk with the Jackson County Library System and many other great offerings.

We don’t want to beat our own drum, but we are proud of our paper each week. We appreciate the support and praise we regularly receive from the thousands of Jackson County natives who read our paper.

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