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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chief Baggett Is Bagging Dopers Selling “Baggies” In Marianna

Astute Combination of Traffic Enforcement and Drugs Detection has been successful. By Sid Riley

During the past few months Marianna Police have been successful at apprehending numerous street users and sellers of drugs. These were “druggies” who dared to engage in these illegal practices within the limits of the City of Marianna, usually while driving erratically or using a vehicle with some obvious mechanical defect. They demonstrate their lack of concern for obeying laws in the way they drive and comply with driving regulations.

It is a well documented fact that when people are guilty of more serious violations of the law, they usually are also in violation of minor traffic or vehicle laws. This opens the door for detection by law enforcement. Proponents of this concept cite the fact that Timothy McVeigh, Ted Bundy, David “Son of Sam” Berkowitz, and 9/11 ring-leader Mohammed Atta all were brought to police attention because of routine traffic violations.

“We sometimes get some local criticism for being too aggressive in traffic stops,” explains Baggett, “but if it yields results in catching more serious offenders such as drug users, then I support the policy. However, I do insist on stressing that our officers always demonstrate professionalism and politeness during any public contact.”

Baggett also stated that he feels street usage and sale of illicit drugs has increased in Jackson County…and in Marianna…during the past few years. The increasing usage and availability of “meth” in our area has increased drug problems for our local police. Additionally, as the number of addicts increases, crimes such as thievery, robbery, and home invasions increase as these “hooked” individuals seek the money needed to finance their habits.

During his interview with the TIMES, Chief Baggett stated that he did not agree with the concept of increasing traffic enforcement activities by the police merely for the purpose of increasing revenues for governments. However, he does believe in rigorous enforcement if it increases public safety……and helps him bag druggies selling “baggies” in Marianna.

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