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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Making “The Times” Better and Better

The Jackson County Times has added two New Features which will be part of future issues.

The Senior Page: The Times will feature a section on issues of interest and importance to our Jackson County Seniors. Some of the topics the Times will be focusing on will be Health as it relates to seniors, Legal Issues that are of particular importance to seniors, Financial Planning and concerns seniors need addressed, activities available to seniors, anniversaries, and other topics that will make our Jackson County seniors more informed and subjects that will provide them with interesting reading.

Agricultural Page: The Times will also provide a weekly feature on Jackson County Agriculture, focusing on the importance of Agriculture to Jackson County, its financial impact on Jackson County, resources available to our farmers, issues facing our farmers, Farm Market Reports, and other topics important to Agriculture and of general interests to our readers.

The Staff at the Times believe that these two new features will add important and interesting topics to our readers as they fit into our goal of continuing to provide additional subjects focused on Jackson County.

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