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Friday, March 12, 2010

Compass Lake Property Owners Ask For Delay in Engaging Consultant

John Laymon and John Padgett make request for delay in selection and engagement of a consultant firm to evaluate existing MTSU arrangement. By Sid Riley

In an effort to resolve the continuing saga of conflicts between the Compass Lake in the Hills MTSU, and the Compass Lake in the Hills Property Owners Association, the Jackson County Commission had previously decided to engage a qualified consulting firm to evaluate the existing contracts, format, and relationships between these entities and the County. This firm will have previous experience working with MTSU arrangements at other developments within the state.

At the direction of the Commissioners, Purchasing Agent Stanley Hascher had advertised for qualified firms, and had received data on three qualified companies. The Commissioners had reviewed the qualification and backgrounds of these firms, and had selected Nabors-Giblin Nickerson as the best firm for the task. They were about to authorize creation of a contract for this arrangement when Compass Lake in the Hills POA Manager, John Laymon and resident John Padgett took the podium to make a request of the Commission.

Laymon reviewed the significant progress which has been made during the past year in resolving many of the long standing conflicts at Compass Lake in the Hills. He informed the Board that a meeting has been scheduled between the parties for Thursday evening, March 11. He stated that a new proposal was to be presented at that meeting which he felt would possibly negate the need for the consultant participation. It is understood that a proposal to change the existing county supervised MSTU format to a “stand alone” MSTU will be discussed. This would enable Compass Lake in the Hills to function more independently, in a manner to any other organized community in the County.

In response to their request, the Commissioners voted to table the decision.

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