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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Just before our printing deadline we discovered that the actions of our local legislative delegation, combined with the community support, had resulted in agreement on a different solution to the funding problems for DOC.
Local Legislators Halt State Prison Closures
Senate Democratic Leader Al Lawson (D-Tallahassee) on Wednesday announced that he had reached an agreement with the Senate Republican Leadership halting the impending closure of five state-run prison facilities, one of them likely Apalachee Correctional Institution in Jackson County, saving approximately 2,000 jobs.
Working as a coorinated team, Senator Al Lawson, Representatives Marti Coley, Brad Drake and Jimmy Petronis mustered the needed support to reverse the proposed prison closures. (See Al Lawson’s Press Release on amendments on top of A9.)
New Amendments (Wednesday Morning)
Amendment 995096 by Lawson: Funding will be added to open Blackwater Institution without closing any existing institutions. Language will be removed referring to closing any prisons.
Amendment 995097 by Alexander: Restores funding to DOC to eliminate privatizing any existing facility.
Amendment 995098 by Alexander: Restores cuts which would have privatized the Work Camp/Work Release Centers.

Editors Note: This action provides for the opening of Blackwater without ordering closure of any existing facilities. However, the problem of how to fill and justify the unnecessary $160,000,000 Blackwater Institution in the coming months.

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