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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Bunny Leaves Over 17,000 Eggs at Citizens Lodge Park

Event attracts over 2,000 this year
By Sid Riley
Marianna’s First Baptist Church Pastor Shannon Eades and his 300 volunteers were bursting with pride and enjoyment on Saturday morning when they realized the tremendous turnout of egg hungry children who came to their Saturday morning event.
In a difficult to organize moment of wild enjoyment, on signal the 2,000 to 2,500 parents and children rushed onto the Citizens Lodge Park meadow to fill their Easter baskets with eggs.
It was not difficult to find an egg….at least for awhile, as the throng of excited children scampered about, finding eggs and stuffing them into their baskets. Most of the candy filled plastic eggs were graciously provided by our community spirited Wal Mart store. The eggs were then prepared for the event, as a project by the residents of Signature Healthcare at the Courtyard.
The event coordinators were Lisa Hamilton, and Laura Coleman, and as the outcome displayed….they did a great job. They organized the 300 community and church volunteers into an efficient organization to complete all of the work involved to make this family occasion a memorable event for the children of Jackson County.
Pastor Eades stated that this annual Easter Egg Hunt will be one of three major community events sponsored by the First Baptist Church. The other two events are The “Hallow-Him” October festival the Church holds at their Green Street location, and the annual Vacation Bible School, which this year is scheduled for July 12-16.

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