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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Marianna Commission Gives Green Light to Park Project

Contracts will be awarded and work begun in near future

By Sid Riley

Under the adept orchestration of City Manager, Jim Dean, the Madison Street Park project is ready to commence. All of the grants, reviews, approvals, modifications, re-approvals, and final sprinkling of holy water has taken place, and things are about to begin happening over on Madison Street.

At Tuesday’s special meeting of the Marianna City Commission a model of the park with the newly relocated farmer’s market pavilion was presented for final discussion. One issue that was discussed was the removal of a family picnic area with small pavilion. A shortfall in one of the grants required some redesign of the plans, along with asking the Jackson County Tourist Development Council to approve use of $80,000 from their reserves for this project.

This has now been approved by the TDC and by the County Commissioners, thus making up for the grant shortfall. Funding is now in place, and final bid approval has been awarded. …It is time to go!

This new facility will enhance the Farmers Market public usage in the coming years. It will also provide a downtown public venue for many, many festivals, parties, concerts, rallies, and special events for all to enjoy for many, many years.

In other matters at the meeting, the following actions were taken:

● Jackie Kendall was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Planning and Zoning Board

● Bill Stabler was appointed to fill a vacancy on the City of Marianna Scholarship Committee

● The City adopted a resolution opposing the proposed “Amendment #4” which would make the City Comprehensive Plan much more inflexible. A public referendum would be required for every needed future modification.

● The Board approved the annexation of the Nichols Plantation out near the Industrial Park.

● The Board approved contract award for the Downtown Revitalization Project which will use stimulus funds to put utilities underground around the court house, accomplish landscaping, and replace existing lighting with more energy efficient lights.

● Approved a $3000 freezer/refrigerator for Marianna Health and Rehabilitiation.

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