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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tiny Tots Olympics Hold Meet

Head Start sponsors event for Jackson County Pre-K Children
By Sid Riley

Things were really hopping, jumping, skipping, and racing on the old Marianna High School football practice field on Saturday morning, April 24. It was the Pre-K Olympics for Pre-K students throughout the county, and the children were there in force.

The practice field was surrounded with approximately twenty tent shelters, arranged to border the event area where racing lanes were marked with pylons positioned at the ends. Under each tent was approximately twenty excited but well mannered three and four year old pre-school children, proudly wearing their school tee-shirt, and waiting their time to take the field of competition.

Approximately 300 students took part in the event. This included Cottondale Elementary, Jackson County Early Childhood Center of Marianna, Graceville Elementary, Grand Ridge School, Malone School, Sneads Elementary, and Hope School.

Since there are no official international records for the events which were held, some world records could well have been broken during this morning event. The events included a Ring Race, a Buddy Race, a Snowcone Relay, an Egg and Spoon Race, an Out for A Stroll Buggy Pushing Race, and of course, a Beanbag Race. Although officials were not really certain which teams won, everyone involved was sure that there was plenty of fun, fellowship, and physical fitness involved in the activities. The organizers, Jackson County Early Childhood Program, wants to thank the parents, schools, staff, administrators, School Board members, and Superintendent Lee Miller for their support of the annual event.

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  1. I was not able to attend but I read the article and I wish I could have been there. It seems like all of the kids had a lot of fun. And that is what makes it nice. Kids that age having fun at things us adults take for granted.