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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

State Attorney General Bill McCollum Visits Marianna

Attends Special Reception hosted by local supporters
By Sid Riley

The beautiful home of Tracy Clemmons was a busy place Saturday evening, as a large crowd of supporters for one of the Republican candidates for Governor, State Attorney Bill McCollum attended the function which was held in his honor. The hosting committee consisted of State Representative Marti Coley, Republican Club Official, Gina Stewart, and Hostess Sara Clemmons. A well appointed array of hors d’oeuvres, a generous punch bowl (non alcoholic of course), and a musical ensemble providing background music, added even more elegance to the tastefully appointed Clemmons home.
After about an hour of socializing, everyone paused to hear a few words of wisdom from the guest of honor. A prayer and introduction was provided by the host, Tracy Clemmons. Then an energetic Bill McCollum addressed the assembled crowd.
The Attorney General described how he had been born and raised in Florida. A native of Brooksville, he told of how during his childhood he lived one year in Blountstown, due to his father working there.
McCollum told of his efforts to thwart the Obama Health Plan, and how only seven minutes after the passage of the bill he filed court action which challenges the legality of the provisions within the legislation. McCollum described how he ascribes to the basic principles of conservatism and balanced budgets for all governments. He expressed his appreciation for the demonstration of support, and enlisted everyone there to vote for him when the time comes.

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