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Friday, June 4, 2010

Alcoholic Beverages Legal on Sundays In Marianna

By Sid Riley
Commission action taken Tuesday evening now makes it legal for businesses located within the City limits of Marianna to sell alcoholic beverages after noon on Sundays.  This means that restaurants can sell beer and wine to their Sunday evening diners, and that beverage stores and convenience stores can sell on Sundays.  The “blue laws” of old are fading away.
Local restaurateur, Jamie Streetman, owner of Dino’s in downtown Marianna spoke to the commission prior to the vote.  He stated that the issue is not a legislative or political issue, it is an economic issue.  Many people who dine on Sundays and wish to have a glass of wine with their meal are now going to Dothan, Panama City, or even Blountstown to have that privilege.  This represents lost income for the City, and for the businesses within the city.
After discussion among the Board, Commissioner Roberts made a motion to approve the new ordinance, Commissioner Wise seconded the motion, and the issue passed with a unanimous vote.
It should be noted that this only applies to alcoholic “beverages”, and does not include intoxicating liquors.

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  1. When this be passed in the county areas? Like Wal- Mart, Beef of Bradys. Alot of people shop and eat in these areas.