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Friday, June 11, 2010

Commission Gives Final Approval to Paving Financing Program : Roads selection nearing completion

“If the county is ever going to engage in a paving program…the time is now”, those words were quoted from a previous TIMES article before the Commission by Mrs. Mary Flowers as she spoke on behalf of an assembled crowd of members of the Sinai Community Improvement Organization.  Her mission was to encourage paving of Donald and Sinai Road, a goal the group has been working towards for over twenty years.  Chairman Branch had previously added some extension of existing paving on Donald Road to the paving priority list, and after the citizens presentation he proposed using $70,000 of existing discretionary funds to pave a portion of Sinai Road.
This appeal came after the Board conducted the final public hearing on the paving program, and then gave final approval to the $10,000,000 financing plan for the program.  The initial paving listing is included in this issue, but a few modifications and additions may still occur.  Once the financing documents are finalized, the county will proceed with the bidding process for the program.  Discussion is ongoing on how to “package” the individual road projects to realize the lowest costs and thus realize a maximum in new paving. 
County Engineer Larry Alvarez told the TIMES that actual beginning of work on the roads is still about six months away.  Once the projects begin, the county will have two and a half years to complete the work.
This is a memorable and important step which our Commissioners have taken.  Those citizens of Jackson County who reside on dirt roads have endured the problems created when weather impacts their access roads for many, many years.  This program will help ease that pain for many.  Let us hope that this is the first step of many future programs of this nature.
Road Name
Acorn Road   
Arbor Road   
Bonnet Pond Road   
Browntown Road   
Burbank Road   
Cecil Road   
Century Road   
Chapman Lane   
Clark Lane   
Dairy Barn Lane   
Dionne Road   
Fieldcrest Circle   
Gainer Cemetery Road    Holyneck   
Hook Way   
Johns Road   
London Road   
Lynch Drive   
Misty Trail   
Napier Trail   
Petunia Lane   
Plantation Circle   
Primrose Lane   
Redtop Lane   
Sanders Road   
Springfield Road   
Road Name
Emerald Drive   
Everett Road   
Five Points   
Jeruselum CH Road   
Leland Road   
Little Valley Road   
Lotus Road   
Lovett Road   
Maple Lane   
Maridale Road   
Mayberry Lane   
Mineral Road   
Pelican Lane   
Redick Mill   
Satellite Road   
Unity Road   
Vista Road   
Willow St   
Woodberry Road   
Zion St   
Road Name
Archery Lane   
Bales Drive   
Bershire Drive   
Bumpnopse Road   
Bunny Trail   
Colonial Dr.   
Ellington Lane   
Fern Lane   
Fifth Street   
Fish Hatchery Road   
Gene Lane   
Harper Lane   
Hillcrest Lane   
Jasmine Drive   
Parkridge Road   
Sandy Road   
Second Street   
Sequoya Drive   
Woodbriar Drive   
Road Name
Brushy Pond   
Compass Lk Drive   
Donald Road     
     (Remaining Portion)
MeKeown Mill Rd   
Pike Pond Road   
Pond Lane
      (Ocheesee Lnd Rd)    Spivey Road   
Spring Creek Road   
Walden Road   
Road Name
Butler Road   
Grove Road   
Merritts Mill Road   
Poplar Springs   
Sweet Pond Road   

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