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Friday, July 9, 2010

County Citizens Produce Remarkable Religious CD For National Distribution

Exciting new CD “Share the Miracles” is a miracle itself.

By Sid Riley

Bob Snyder, who retired from a full, rich life as a world renowned musician to reside on “Piano Road”, near Graceville, has been acclaimed to be the best living clarinet player by notable critics. For years he was orchestra leader for the wonderful orchestra at the Grand Hotel resort on Mackinac Island, Michigan. It remains one of the greatest “big band” orchestra’s in existence. After closing his popular jazz nightclub on Marco Island, he moved to the panhandle area to get some peace and quiet in retirement. He soon became involved in the music programs at the Bible College and several other area schools, and began teaching and developing gifted students in a special jazz group.

After growing up in a musical family in Indiana, Bob’s prodigy recognized talent soon thrust him into a career of music, Bob was never an overly religious man, but has always believed in a greater power than mere mortal man. Before he retired, he produced an album with “Amazing Grace” as the feature song, which was played by Bob on his Saxophone. It quickly became a huge hit, and has since sold thousands of CD’s across the globe. This experience began to pull Bob towards religious involvement.

Then he became actively involved in many of the music programs at BBC, and this activity further drew the aging master musician into the world of religion and faith. Now, with this latest miracle, God’s plan for Bob is becoming an obvious reality.

While all of this was happening to Bob, things were also happening in the life of a Pentecostal minister, Bruce Thompson, also from Indiana, who was destined to live in Jackson County after a career of preaching, evangelist travel, and eventual migration to the Florida Panhandle area due to some involvements in property development in the area. Today, he owns rental properties, including the old Wayne Mixon homestead, and he is involved with a company selling water purification systems.

Then the miracle began!

Bruce was speaking as a guest preacher at a small church near Graceville. It just happens that Bob Snyder had agreed to also play his beautiful religious music on that Sunday for this small congregation. Thus God brought their lives and talents together.

Bob and Bruce immediately became friends, and they both knew on that Sunday morning that something lay in the future as a joint involvement. They just didn’t know what it was.

A few days later a unique idea struck Bruce. He discussed the concept with his wife, Martha, and she too was immediately excited about the concept. Together they approached Bob with their idea. Bob, who has never been one to act slowly when he believes in something, sprang into action within the next few days.

The concept involves a very valid and meaningful approach for reaching into the emotional depths of a person’s soul with carefully chosen words of God. Bruce explains the idea, “It is widely recognized that religious music and the emotions it evokes can open the gateway to a person’s soul. The idea is to blend the wonderful music which Bob is capable of creating with intermittent scripture. This implants the powerful words of the Lord into the listener, while music has opened the gateway to his soul. It delivers a powerful message in a most appropriate and beautiful way.”

They next arranged a session with Kurt Thompson at the ‘Master Mix’ studio in Marianna. Here they tested the concept by playing some of Bob’s greatest jazz filled religious standards, then fading the music to the background while Bruce delivered a meaningful scriptural message in his professional, soothing voice. The scriptures were chosen by Martha to perfectly match each musical selection and the spoken Word.

The result was a completely new spiritual experience which involves a unique blending of some of the best jazz music the listener has ever heard played within a familiar religious song mixed with moments of moving scripture delivered by a soothing, sincere voice. It is a very unique CD, and it is now being marketed throughout the USA….and it all was created right here in Jackson County! Locally, this newly released CD can be purchased at “The Band Room” in Marianna, the offices of the TIMES, in Dothan at Dove’s Christian Book Store, and in Chipley at Covington Music. It can be ordered from the publisher Webster Records in St. Louis at 800-678-8863.

Was this new approach to presenting gospel music and scripture part of God’s master plan for Bob Snyder and Bruce Thompson? After listening to this CD you will probably think it was. All you have to do is listen….and “Share the Miracles”.

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