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Friday, July 2, 2010

“Dry Creek” Concert Draws Biggest Crowd of Summer Series

By Sid Riley

“The crowd is getting bigger and bigger with the passage of each Thursday concert,” stated Parks Director Chuck Hatcher, as he discussed the ‘Thursday Concerts in the Park’ summer program which is now underway at Citizens Lodge Park on Caverns Road. This past Thursday, the great bluegrass group, Dry Creek, drew over three hundred people away from their televisions and couches for a evening of clean, family, “down home”, style enjoyment.

Everyone brings lawn chairs or a blanket, a cooler full of libations, their children, and even the family dog in some instances. Neighbors and friends sit together in social groups, gossip and socialize between songs, and generally sharing great music, and a wonderful evening out. Thus far the weather has been perfect every Thursday, with cool, bug free evenings…some highlighted by beautiful sunsets followed by a giant, glowing full moon soaring in the night sky.

And it is all free, compliments of the Jackson County Commission and the Parks Department.

The next concert in the series will feature “Chester’s Curve”, a local group from the East side of Jackson County. They play Rock and Roll, and Modern Country. The members of this group are Joe Blanton, Rollo Sims, Wade Webb, and Mike Wester. The music starts at 7:00, and ends around 9:30.

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