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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Major Local Business Needs Help

Kindel Lanes facing foreclosure unless investors come to rescue

By Sid Riley

August 12 is “D” day for Kindel Lanes after thirty years of successful operation in Jackson County. On that date the business will be up for foreclosure sale on the courthouse steps, a day which owner Jeff Kindelspire has been fighting against for many, many hard months.

The crux of the story is that the business was in the middle of an ambitious expansion into a full amusement center complex which would have attracted business from all surrounding counties, when the financial crash struck. Their timing could not have been worse. They were left with a 60% finished project, no available financing for completion, and a heavy debt service which depended on completion of the project for the needed cash flow.

The core of the business, the bowling center, has always been profitable. It remains profitable, still generating the needed business activity for success…but unable to carry the extra fixed overhead cost burden created by the unfinished amusement center. About 500 children and teens enjoy the center each week. Had the economy remained robust, had the banking systems remained accessible, had investor speculation remained positive and active….Jeff would have succeeded with no problem.

This is one of the core businesses of our community. It has always created a family oriented, Christian, humanitarian environment for our children and our families to enjoy. They have always provided steady employment for around forty citizens, and have been a safe haven for parents to allow their children to enjoy. They have always helped programs for the handicapped at Sunland, have always had some of these disadvantaged working in the facility…thus demonstrating a benevolent, caring philosophy. Without Kindel lanes in our community, we will certainly be worsened.

Our children will have no place to gather socially for wholesome, supervised activities. They will be relegated to clustering in vacant parking lots, or building bonfires in remote farm fields where their activities will be uncontrolled.

Jeff Kindelspire has never been one to give up. He is still hoping an investor partner will appear to save the day for the business before the vultures swoop down from their lofty perches to consume the business. “A participant would get a much better deal before the sale than they will be able to get after the foreclosure, where they will have to deal with the creditors,” Kindelspire states.

It appears that around $400,000 is needed to save the $2,500,000 investment. That would complete the amusement center and inside facilities in the new addition. Another $250,000 would be needed to also complete the go-cart portion, but that can be deferred.

It seems bewildering to see $1,000,000 being spent by our government on sidewalks which will provide little social benefit and no permanent employment, while small businesses such as Kindel Lanes suffer and perhaps close due to the unavailability of financing. And this financing would eventually be paid back from continuing operations. The completed center would employ around 80 people, provide a real attraction for our community, and a safe haven for our children to enjoy. As Spock of Star Trek would say, “It’s Illogical”.

If a savior is out there anywhere……Jeff Kindelspire can be reached at 526-4492 or kindellanesinc@mail.com.


  1. I have such wonderful memories of Kindel Lanes.It has always been such a wonderful place for teens and adults, and now families to have fun. If each person in Marianna ,and surrounding area,just donated 10.00 each, it could be saved. Best of luck and lots of prayers to the Kindelspire family.

  2. I agree on the "sidewalks to nowhere" being built on Caverns Road. No one will ever use them. What a waste.


  4. if thes marianna city farts would got off there asses, and make jobs here . people would have money to spend on fun things to do look at all thes empty buildings just sitting there do we want one more? arhturcats@gmail.com

  5. Just today on the news I heard them say that it is going to be "the small business that brings us out of this" (speaking of the lack of money). Well it seems to me that all the small business are the ones who are having to close and it is the big ones that are left. So if this is true I guess there is no hope in dispair. I and my children(now grown) have spent many evenings at kindal lanes having a great time. I agree, I to hate to see it close. I have nothing against sidewalks (used or not) but I have yet to see one stop a child from getting involve in drugs, drinking, gangs, sex and what ever else they may get into on the streets, Kendal Lanes kept our kids off those streets and inside a place that they could be kids and have fun without the pressure to participate in the unknown. I hope that someone with the money and a love for our children comes along and rescues kendal lanes.

  6. I agree that ten dollars will not burn a hole in anybodys pocket if it will keep a local attraction open. Not only does it provide fun for families and a safe haven for our children it inspires men, women and children from Sunland and Hope School. Without Kindell Lanes what will happen to our community, families and our children?

  7. I believe ten dollars wouldn't burn a hole in any of our pockets. It would keep a well known local family business open. Not only for us and our families but for places like Sunland and Hope School. Those adults and students also need an out to make themselves and their peers feel better about themselves.

  8. I along with many other have not believed the ignorance of the city of Marianna... Marianna is a family friendly town full of many people that enjoy our small town living and the little enjoyment that many of our citizens have are our Movie theatre which evn though is well run many would enjoy a new theater. But this is not what I have chosen to demonstrate... Kindel Lanes which provides entertainment to our younger and older crowds is about to face shutting its doors and to many this may not seem like a big deal.

    But if we further anaylze the situation the bowling alley provides the many youths late middle school to highschool and college age something to do and a place where friends can enjoy the company of each other without drinking or doing drugs. Hear me when I say that the effects on our tweens and teenage population will not be favorable given the close of this estblishment. The lack of safe areas to enjoy in Marianna will lead to viloence increase drug usuage drinking of underage minors and may even effect teenage pregancy or sex rates due to the lack of areas in our town for youth to hangout...

  9. Jeff K. has ALWAYS been a great supporter of individuals with Special Needs. Without his generosity Special Olympics and Hope School pre-vocational students would not have exposure to work training, social interactions and particiating in normal activities My 10 bucks is in the mail.

  10. Has a fund been set up to "Save Kindel Lanes"?