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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Poll Gives Projections on Elections

P.M.I., Inc., the locally based internationally recognized polling service recently conducted a private poll of 400 likely Republican voters in Jackson County. This was a one question voter survey which asked, “If the Republican primary election for congress was held today here in District 2 would you vote for Eddie Hendry, Ron McNeil, Barbara Olschner, David Scholl, or Steve Southerland?

The results were:

Eddie Hendry = 10%

Ron McNeil = 14%

Barbara Olschner = 7%

David Scholl = 19%

Steve Southerland = 50%

Similarly, 300 potential Democratic voters were polled with the question, “If the Democratic primary election for congress were held today here in District 2, would you vote for Allen Boyd or Al Lawson? The following results were obtained:

Allen Boyd = 53%

Al Lawson = 47%

This is a 400 sample poll, with a +/- 5% margin of error.

If you are a candidate for office, or if your business has a need for determining public opinion, P.M.I. in Marianna is part of a nation wide polling network which can provide a variety of approaches to local or national data which can provide invaluable data to help you make wise decisions. They can be reached at 850-482-5079 or www.pmipolling.com.

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