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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Do You Know Any of These Men?? Special People In Our Community

If you do not know any of these men pictured above….you should. If you and your family have resided in Marianna or Jackson County for very long at any point over the past six decades, chances are very good that the activities of these men resulted in significant benefits for you.

The Marianna Rotary Club began in 1929, eighty one years ago. When that club was founded, the fathers of these three men, C.C. Harrison Sr., Lucien Watson Sr., and Richard Hinson Sr., were all charter members of the new civic organization. Then, twenty one years later in 1950, their sons also joined the organization. They are still members today, sixty years later.

At the regular Wednesday meeting of the Marianna Rotary Club last week a special ceremony was held to properly honor these men for their sixty years of membership and volunteer civic service to our community.

Rotarians, family members, and friends were present to honor their accomplishments. Memorial plaques were presented by current club President Philip Tyler and Bill Stanton. All three honorees are Paul Harris Fellows, and all have served as Club President. They represent 180 years of combined community service, and their families represent 243 years of community dedication.

Creshull, Richard, and Lucien…we join the Jackson County Community in saying a loud and sincere—THANK YOU!

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