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Friday, August 13, 2010

FCAT School Scores Are In….Almost!

That word which put a rush of adrenaline in every teacher’s, principal’s, and superintendent’s system has been published for the 2009-2010 school year…..FCAT ! The state evaluation system for students and faculties has become an item of focus and great importance for every school in the state. That is probably a good condition.

However, this year the system has been especially troublesome due to the use of a new contracted computerized scoring system which utilizes a multiple factor formula to determine overall school ratings. Across the state this new system has resulted in several schools scoring much lower than under the old system. This has prompted a multitude of protests, requests for rescoring, and appeals from across the system. As a result, high school scorings are not yet published, and are not expected until November.

The scores for elementary and middle school performances have been released. In Jackson County the results were:

2010 2009

Sneads Elementary…… A A

Riverside Elementary…. A A

Cottondale Elem. / Middle.. B A

Graceville Elem. / Middle.. C C

Grand Ridge Middle…. B C

Marianna Middle…….. B A

Reportedly, Grand Ridge was only one point away from reaching the “A” score, and Marianna Middle School was only four points short. Deputy Superintendent Larry Moore stated that taken in a total overview administration is pleased with the results. Everyone is eagerly anticipating the High School scoring.

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