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Friday, August 6, 2010

A New Way To Read the TIMES!

A “virtual paper” will be available on our web site:


A new, exciting feature will soon be featured on our web site. The entire paper will be available for page by page reading in an easy to use format. The new feature will be up and going within the next few days… we invite you to go to the site and use the feature.

For the first month the entire paper will be available at no cost. After the introductory period has ended, the feature will be available to subscribers at a very low cost.

Another new and exciting feature which we are initiating is “on the scene action news” with postings on a real-time basis. Additionally, our web site is regularly updated with obituaries during every week. Exciting things will be happening at www.jacksoncountytimes.net... go there and see!.

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