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Friday, August 20, 2010

P.M.I. Polling Data Shows Southerland, Branch and Crutchfield leading in local races

Local pollster Jerry L. Dorchuck of Marianna and his company, PMI Polling, surveyed some political races of interest to Jackson Countians over the past several days. The results, given exclusively to the TIMES on Tuesday, show Republican Steve Southerland running away with the contest for U.S. House of Representatives District 2 in the Republican Primary this Tuesday, Aug. 24.

PMI Polling also shows Jeremy Branch strongly leading the race for Jackson County commission District 4, Democratic Primary; Allen Boyd tied with Al Lawson in the U.S. House Democratic Primary; and Ed Crutchfield strongly leading challenger Howard Glass for the county commission District 2 Democratic Primary.

U.S. Congress-Dist. 2 Florida Republican Primary

“With less than a week to go it seems as though Southerland leads the pack with double digit numbers,” Dorchuck said Tuesday. “With a sample of 2,000 GOP voters district-wide, it looks like Southerland will emerge the victor with 43% to David Scholl with 22%, Eddie Hendry at 15% and McNeil and Olschner at 10% respectively.” The survey was conducted over the period of August 6-15.

U.S. Congress-Dist. 2 Florida Democratic Primary

In the Democratic Primary it appears to be a neck and neck race between Allen Boyd and Al Lawson. Both are polling at 50%. The survey was conducted over the periods of June 23-24 and August 4-5. There were 438 respondants out of 2743 registered Democrats called.

County Commission-Dist.2-Florida Democratic Primary

In this race Ed Crutchfield at 68% is solidy leading Howard Glass who is polling at 32%. There were 350 respondants out of 2600 registered Democrats called. The survey was conducted over the periods of August 13 & 16.

County Commission-Dist.4-Florida Democratic Primary

In this 3 man district race, the frontrunner is Jeremy Branch with as 55% lead over William Nelson at 25% and Wesley Kutchey at 15%. There were 356 respondants out of 2300 registered Democrats called. The survey was conducted over the periods of June 23-24 and August 4-5.

“The surveys are subject to a 5 percent plus or minus of error, meaning that the above percentages could go either way by 5 percent.” Dorchuck explained.

Dorchuck has been polling professionally for 15 years. He is also a political consultant. PMI does live and automated telephone calls. PMIPolling can be reached at www.pmipolling.com

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