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Thursday, September 2, 2010

It is Rumored That Troops Will Be Sent to Attack Marianna

Reliable reports state that Yankees are preparing for march on Marianna during September

Gentlemen- if you have relatives or friends who are willing to take your women and children into safe living until this crisis has passed, we strongly encourage you to take such action. It appears that an armed assault on our small community is forthcoming from the Yankee forces which are firmly entrenched in Pensacola.

They are well aware of the continuing logistical support local plantations are providing to our valiant forces fighting in the Carolina’s. In order to inhibit the flow of supplies reaching the confederate troops, the dastardly Yankees are about to launch a campaign against us. Our valiant Home Guard will surely be tested to the utmost if this attack becomes a reality. Pray to God for our safety and well being, but beginning defensive preparations is advisable. It is rumored that the attack will occur in Marianna on or about September 25.

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