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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Steamboat Captain Tells of Battle Preparations Underway in Pensacola

On reliable reports we have learned that preparations are truly underway in Pensacola to muster needed munitions and supplies for a foray out of Pensacola into the heart of the Florida Panhandle, including Marianna. The purpose of this raid is to squash the flow of supplies from this area northward to the Carolinas in support of our valiant confederate forces fighting there, to free union prisoners, and to collect white and negro recruits for the Union..

If this impending raid becomes a reality, it will be under the command of General Alexander Asboth, a Hungarian born cavalry officer who is in command of the garrison at Pensacola. He is reportedly gathering a force of around 700 men comprised of the Second Maine Cavalry, the First Florida Cavalry, and the 56th and 82nd Colored Infantry Regiments. This report was given to Eli Moore who produces and sells salt at St. Andrews Bay, by a steamboat captain who regularly makes the coastal journey from Pensacola. The anticipated date of the raid is September 25th.

Based on this report, our earlier warnings and advise to move family members to safe refuge is reinforced in meaning. May God be with us and our valiant Home Guard defenders.

Advertisement for the Marianna Day Festival on August 24-26, 2010

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