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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zaxby’s…A Restaurant With a Heart

Example of a local business performing community service

Although Zaxby’s is a relatively new business within the Marianna business community, this restaurant chain is demonstrating a sincere desire to be a caring element of the Jackson County community. Last week the management and staff of the local Zaxby’s Restaurant paused from their busy routine to present a check in the amount of $663.00 to Ed and Jerica Ward.

This young couple who are about to have their first child recently discovered that the unborn baby has a brain aneurism which will result in extensive medical treatment and consequently high medical bills. A call went out to the community in an attempt to help this struggling young couple cope with this problem. Zaxby’s responded to that call by setting aside a percentage of all cash register receipts placed into a collection container by customers of the store during one business day.

UPDATE: In a telephone call on Monday the TIMES was informed by Ed Ward that the baby will be taken by induced labor on Sunday, September 5, and the prognosis for the baby is good. It has a strong heart beat and seems to be in good condition except for the aneurism, which will be treated a few months after the birth. We are saying a prayer for the Wards, and wish them good luck.

This was one of several such charitable fund raising efforts at Zaxby’s for a local family in distress. During the past few months this “Restaurant With A Heart” raised money in two fund drives to help Brandi Purvis, a local woman facing severe medical problems. This was followed by another fund drive for Amber Snell, a young lady beginning an ordeal with cancer. The restaurant has also participated in fund raising with Dayspring Academy and other area churches.

And believe it or not…Zaxby’s just launched another fund drive on Monday (August 30) of this week. This time the effort is on behalf of Velisa McElroy who recently lost all of her possessions in a disastrous home fire. Working with Rivertown Community Church, and members of the Jackson County School Board, and Malone School, the restaurant again donated a percentage of the daily gross sales to the fund drive.

We can all be thankful to have this caring, community oriented business in our area. To Zaxby’s we say a hearty “THANK YOU”!

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