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Friday, January 28, 2011

Devaunte Patterson Given Special Tribute By Marianna High

“When Tomorrow Starts Without Me….”
Those were the words at the top of the printed program for the event.
A special school assembly was held on Tuesday morning as a tribute to MHS student, Devaunte Patterson, who was killed in a tragic automobile accident last week. Jackson School System Administrators, School Board Members, MHS faculty and students all were part of the special event which expressed their sadness and caring for Devaunte, his parents Nikki Patterson and Ronderick Couch, and his extended family.
“Make each day count. Tell those you love and care about how you love and appreciate them. You never know when you may be suddenly taken from this world. We should always be prepared.” Those were the words of Schools Superintendent Lee Miller as he made opening remarks. Miller continued, “Secondly, always remember to buckle up when you are in a car. In the future, buckle up as a tribute to Devaunte.”
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