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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Existing Manager Leaving The North Florida Youth Development Center (Dozier School)

Things remain in a condition of change at our North Florida Youth Development Center (Dozier School) as Michael Cantrell announces that January 13 was his last day as Operations and Programs Manager at the facility. He is leaving to take a position in Tennessee, the home state of his wife. Mr. Cantrell has been actively working during the past year to implement a new culture into the operations of the center. His primary assistant, Gavin Tucker has been designated as interim Manager. Mr. Tucker has worked at Dozier for twelve years, and has received a strong recommendation for the position from Mr. Cantrell.
Under Cantrell’s leadership, great strides have been made at the school to create a learning, positive environment for the interns. There are those within the structure in Tallahassee who wanted the facility closed, and the entire program be changed to one using group homes instead of centralized schools. Due to the progress made by Cantrell during the past year, much of that opposition has been quieted.
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