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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The City of Marianna Changes Liquor Laws

Wine now legal in restaurants
By Sid Riley

At Tuesday’s regular meeting of the Marianna City Commission, a formal vote was taken on City Ordinance #975 which amends Chapter 6 of the Marianna City Code relating to sale of alcoholic beverages. The measure passed by an unanimous vote of the commission.
The previous laws relating to the sale of beer and wine specifically limited the alcohol content to 4%. In an effort to meet the demands from customers for wine to be served with their meals, many restaurants sold very poor tasting, low alcohol wines.
As a result of Tuesday evening’s vote, regular popular wines can be sold at restaurants and bars along with beer. This ruling is limited to beer and wine sales, and mixed drinks or regular liquor remains illegal.

1 comment:

  1. Is it in the future plans for Marianna to allow liquor? Seems that a small town like this one could benefit from business that may want to move there if so. This is a very limiting factor in this day and age. Most people are responsible and it could actually bring money and jobs to the whole county.