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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Video Production Studio Opens In Marianna

By Sid Riley
A & K Productions will offer wide range of video services to area.

A new video production studio has just opened at 2866 Madison Street in Marianna. This new business will offer our area a wide range of video production services. These will include the following:
● Filming, editing, and DVD preparation for events such as beauty pageants, dance recitals, and cheerleading contests. Program administrators can enlist A & K for filming and sale of DVD’s to families for preservation of memories.
● Filming and DVD preparation for sports events such as little league/pony league baseball, basketball, soccer, football and others. These are edited and have a narration of the event on the DVD which is created by announcers from Deep South Broadcasting.
● Wedding video filming and editing in conjunction with photography services provided by Classic Photography of Marianna.
● Preparation of memorial slide shows for funerals and visitations, created in conjunction with funeral arrangements.
● Preparation of memorial slide shows for special events such as significant anniversaries and birthdays.
● Conversion services for converting old family photographs onto a DVD. They film the photo while it is projected onto a screen, and a senior family member narrates the memories of the photograph by relating the incident, time, place and people in the photo. This moves the photographs from the old shoe box storage into modern DVD format.
● Conversion services for converting old super 8 films and VCR tapes into DVD format.
● Preparation of commercial advertising videos.
● Preparation of video depositions for legal functions.
At Tuesday’s Marianna City Commision Meeting the commissioners agreed to allow A & K Productions to have exclusive rights for one year for preparing commercial videos of sporting events at parks. This new video production service can be contacted by calling 573-4857, 209-2241, or 209-7183.

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