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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chipola Officials Suspend Teacher’s Union President, Bruce White

Long time instructor is placed on “administrative suspension” with pay, pending investigation. By Sid Riley

The official news release from the Chipola Public Relations Office reads:
“On May 6, Chipola College associate professor of English Bruce White was placed on administrative leave with pay to allow the college to conduct an investigation into allegations of misconduct. The college will retain the services of an outside party with expertise in this area to conduct the investigation. White has taught at the college since 1990.”
As might be expected in this type of occurrence, Chipola officials are being very “tight lipped” about this action. We have not been able to garner any information about the nature of the charges, who will be conducting the investigation, and what time frame can be expected for the resolution of the matter.
The timing of this action is somewhat suspect since Mr. White was an active participant, representing the Chipola Teachers Union, the United Faculty of Florida, at the recent hearings which were held before a mediator in the ongoing impasse over a new union contract with the college. The recommendations of that appointed judge are to be completed and presented to the college and the union officials on Friday, May 29.
This unfortunate suspension action adds another element of conflict to an already volatile situation at the College. Stay tuned…..

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