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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blue Springs Park Setting Records

Park is averaging nearly 1000 visitors per day.
By Sid Riley

Chuck Hatcher is bubbling over with pride and excitement over the performance of Blue Springs Recreational Park after the first sixteen days of our summer season. “We’ve created a major area attraction”, beams Hatcher. “We have large groups renting our pavilion for church, company, and family events. They normally bring fifty or sixty people to the park which adds to our other attendance, and as a result we have record attendance. We are averaging almost 1,000 people per day, which is wonderful.”
After being open only sixteen days of the season the park has attracted 15,300 people. During last year’s record year, the total attendance for the season was 27,600. “If we stay at this level of activity we will more than double last year’s record,” Hatcher continued. “The park has everything in place for a family to come and enjoy a great day of fun in a wonderful, family environment.”

This year’s season has been extended to 70 days, thus increasing its availability to the public. Revenues are already over $50,000 for the year, providing much needed funds for the county’s operations. Blue Springs Recreational Area is an attraction Jackson County can be proud of.

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