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Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Downtown Swimming Pool In Marianna

City Workers dig new pool at new mid-town park on Madison St.
By Sid Riley

One of the old, old terracotta main sewage lines in downtown Marianna, near the new City Park on Madison Street, collapsed this week, creating a nasty, smelly, dirty job for city maintenance crews. City Manager, Jim Dean, states “This is just one example of the problems we are experiencing because of our aging infrastructure. Many portions of our city sewage, water, and street systems are in dire need of replacement”.

This particular problem could not have occurred at a worse spot. The defective sewage main is some twenty feet below the surface, since through the years fill dirt has elevated the area. They had to locate the pipe, open it and insert a sleeve, reseal the pipe, and recover with dirt. So this small defective portion has a new “stint” in it. The operation was deemed a “success”.

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