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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Once in A Hundred Years….

Two century plants are blooming in Jackson County this year… Are there any more?
By Sid Riley
Art Kimbrough at the Jackson County Chamber has been enthralled by the sudden growth and beautification of the Century Plant which stands proudly near the entrance to the Chamber at the Russ House on Lafayette Street. Last weekend many of the local artists gathered at the site to engage in a “quick draw” contest in which they all drew the plant which is in the blooming process. What makes this such a newsworthy event is that the Century Plant supposedly only summons up enough energy and strength to bloom once per century….and now is the time!

As a result of all of the notoriety this lone plant at the Russ House has been getting, the Jackson County Times received a call from Mrs. Elsie Moline who lives near the end of Hunter Fish Camp Road, on Meritt’s Mill Pond. She wanted to let us know that she, too had a blooming Century Plant located in her front yard which also needed some of this attention…since it would be another one hundred years before it again showed its colors.

So the next time you are out for a drive, take a spin down Hunter Fish Camp Road, go to the turn around at the end…and give this plant some of the attention it deserves. Photo By Dinorah Kranker

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