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Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Sign of Our Times.... Crime is on the Increase

Due to increasing levels of unemployment and reduced incomes in the face of increasing costs, many individuals turn to crime as a solution.
By Sid Riley

In recent months there seems to have been a steady increase in the frequency of petty thefts and robberies across the nation, and in our area. The recent robbery of the Peoples First Bank in Greenwood, the robbery of the Bingo Hall in Graceville, the string of thefts involving burglaries of automobiles parked in residential areas in Marianna, purse snatchings, shop lifting, the parking lot robbery Sunday evening at the Marianna’s Mr. Bingo, and even reports of illegal entries of homes with the intent to steal are all examples of this ever present, and increasing danger.

When we asked Sheriff Lou Roberts if he agreed with this assessment, he affirmed that there definitely has been an upswing in the level of robberies and thefts in the area. “I am not sure of the exact causes, but the economic conditions are probably contributing to the frequency of these types of crimes. I encourage all citizens to heighten their level of caution and awareness. Garage doors should be kept closed, cars and home should be locked, valuables should not be left in open display, and residents should be aware of any new, unusual vehicles and people in their neighborhoods. When shopping, people should guard their purses, and should be especially on guard while in parking lots. We do not want to overly frighten people, but caution is advised,” Roberts stated.

In years past, these precautions were generally unnecessary. We took pride in the fact that our sheltered area was seemingly immune from the dangers and forced lifestyle modifications citizens had to observe in larger cities. There was little danger of having your life violated by a thief, and residents frequently left their homes and their automobiles unlocked. Unfortunately, the character and ethics of our society has deteriorated to a point where this lifestyle is no longer possible…..even in Jackson County.

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