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Monday, September 7, 2009

Citizens Of Malone…..VOTE!!

Tuesday, September 8 is election day in Malone.
By Sid Riley
Tuesday is an important day in Malone in regards to the administration and approved powers of the city government in that Jackson County community. Citizens of Malone will be given the opportunity to vote on several issues of interest from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM on Tuesday.
First, voters will be able to select the person who will fill the City Council seat vacated by Theresa Bergman, who moved after winning the position. The remaining term for the seat is two years and three months. There are three Malone citizens running for the seat, Vicki Garrett, Freddie Jones, and Kenneth Campbell.
Second, voters will be able to vote on numerous amendments to the existing City Charter, which was initially written in 1911. These amendments are designed to remove outdated, unnecessary items, to strengthen city codes, and to enhance the authority of the City Council.
The existing City Clerk, Linda Wilson, was unopposed in this election, and will serve another four year term. The same is true for City Council members Brenda Welch and Sally Gibson.
So next Tuesday will be an important day in Malone. Exercise your rights if you live there and participate in the election.

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