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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gary Jackson To Pump His Last Gallon on December 31

Closing station after 43 years of service

By Sid Riley

Around Marianna, when one thinks of a real service station, the place which comes to mind is Gary Jackson’s station on Highway 90. Well, after forty three years of doing business, Gary is hanging up his wipe rag at the end of December. “I know I’ll miss it, but I’m tired, and it is time for me to quit,” Jackson states with a sad look on his face. “I will enjoy being able to spend more time with my Grandchildren, and I’ll stay busy I am sure.”

Jackson opened his first station at the current location of Burger King, back in 1961, then he was located across from Winn Dixie for awhile, and then in 1963 he opened Jackson’s Gulf at his current location. “When I opened there were thirty gas stations between the Mill Pond on the east and the railroad underpass on the west side of Marianna. Today there are only seven, including this station. Regulations and the EPA have forced most small, independent stations to close across the state. However, I am closing because it is time for me to retire, not because of regulations.”

Gary’s station has been one of the last places in the area where a customer can pull up and get full service. You can sit in your car while they pump your gas, clean your windows, and if you want…check the air in your tires. After December 31, that level of service will not be available in Marianna.

Gary leases the station from Sangaree Oil Company, and it is hoped they will continue to operate at the location.

So as Gary Jackson closes the door on a long and friendly career of service in Marianna, we wish him well…..he will be missed by many.

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