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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sonny’s Bar-B-Q Provides Great Community Service

“Annual Tips for Toys” day helps needy kids in Jackson County have a great Christmas. By Sid Riley

Have you ever walked into a local restaurant and seen our Sheriff, Lou Roberts, pouring coffee for a customer, or looked in the kitchen and seen our State Attorney, Glenn Hess cleaning food from dirty trays, or watched the beautiful Jackson Hospital executive, Rosie Smith scribble down an order….then you were probably in Sonny’s Bar-B-Q during Christmas season.

If you want an example of a local business doing its part to help the local community, you only need to look as far as “Sonny’s” Bar-B-Q here in Jackson County. Each year the restaurant sponsors a “Tips for Toys” day which raises hundreds of dollars for purchase of toys for local children who otherwise would not have a very good Christmas.

For an entire day, noon and evening meals, the restaurant invites local businessmen, retirees, politicians, and involved citizens to work for a few hours with the Sonny’s staff to raise money for the fund. All tips collected for the entire day are contributed…….and then Bryan Smith, the Tallahassee based owner of the Sonny’s chain, matches the collected money to double the available funding. This year the tips totaled $1025.00, so because of this great community business partner, $2050 will be available for the purchase of toys for our needy children through the Jackson County Christmas Fund.

This is the tenth year our Sonny’s has sponsored this “Tips for Toys” day at their Marianna Location. We should all take an opportunity to thank them for the generosity of their staff which gives up their tips for the fund on that day, and to the owners of the restaurant for matching the amount raised. Merry Christmas from the Citizens of Jackson County to everyone associated with Sonny’s Bar-B-Q. (P.S. A good opportunity to thank them would be while you and your family stopped in and enjoyed a great meal.)

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