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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

17 Brighter Smiles

Charitable Work by Area Dentist is Helping Children in Jackson County

By Sid Riley

There are seventeen youngsters in Jackson County who will have healthier, brighter, and happier smiles this week as a result of the benevolence of many of our local dentists. Free dental services were provided to eligible children in a coordinated effort of the Jackson County Health Department, the Florida Dental Health Foundation’s Project Dentists Care and its February, State wide “Give Kids a Smile” program. Local dentist, Dr. Robert Payne is the area coordinator for these programs, and he also serves on the Board of the Florida Dental Health Foundation.

The Jackson County Health Department’s “Smiles on Wheels” mobile dental facility was utilized in addition to the Health Department dental office. This project took place on Saturday morning, February 20 across the street from the Health Department offices on 5th Avenue in Marianna. Seventeen children, ages 5–11 received free dental services in this effort. Procedures ranged from x-rays, exams, sealants, restorations, extractions, cleanings and of course… fillings.

William Long, Director of the Health Department was on scene with Project Coordinator, Jan Horne. Four dentists, three Hygienist, and four Dental Assistants volunteered their time and skills to make the event a success. Dr. Forest Bowen with the Health Department, along with private practitioners Dr. Mathew Payne, Dr. Robert Payne, Dr. Larry Cook were the local dentists who donated their abilities and gave up a valued Saturday morning. Robin Mount was the Dental Hygienist who also participated along with the Health Department hygienists Marsha McDonald and Brooke Daniels.

This is another great example of the humanitarian spirit which thrives within the American society. This is not a government sponsored entitlement program….it is merely people caring about others within our society. To all of those professionals who took part in giving these seventeen children what they needed….we say a loud THANK YOU!

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