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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Construction of New Administration Building Moves A Step Closer

Report from Ajax Construction shows little cost savings by purchase and renovation of existing WalMart facility. By Sid Riley

During the workshop session preceding the regular January 26 meeting of the Jackson County Commission, representatives from Ajax Building Corporation presented a four option report to the Commission relating to the cost comparisons for construction of a new, three story 59,734 sq. ft. administration building vs. purchase and renovation of the vacant old 100,000 sq. ft. Wal Mart building in the Crossroads Shopping Center.

Option 1. depicted a new three story admin building with a cost of $10,732,000, not including all land preparation and parking improvements.

Option 2 depicted the same building with a simpler, less elaborate design for $9,049,000

Option 3 depicted purchasing the existing facility for $2,700,000 and renovation cost of $5,800,000, for a total cost of $8,500,000.

Option 4 depicted purchasing the existing facility and demolishing it, then building a new, two story admin building on the site. The purchase price of $2,700,000 plus new construction cost of $8,500,000, gave a total cost of $11,200,000 for this option.

Paul Donofro, the project architect, stated that working in the existing building would result in more strain on workers and less productivity since the building would not have windows for the employees to look out of, and no sunlight entering the building. One woman in the audience stated that she had worked in a state building in Tallahassee for many years with no windows, and it had absolutely no effect on any workers.

The Commissioners did not discuss the option of doing nothing at this time due to the faltering economy. Some among them feel that they can afford the financing of the required loans for construction through the county’s tipping fees of $350,000 /yr paid by Waste Management, and the existing $100,000 per year paid in leases for outside space which would be saved.

This subject is very much alive at this point. Our Commissioners will soon be facing this important decision.

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  1. It is my opinion, the Commissioners are not deserving of a new construction since they allowed forclosures to take against my Jackson County residents. Also with the state of this economy, the cheaper with windows for sun light is best. We do not operate in darkness nor as knight in this land. If they allowed to move forward with this night project, property taxes will be increased and civil and incarceration will increase.