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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Commissioners Vote To Place Animal Control Under Code Enforcement

Function will no longer be part of Parks and Recreation – Recycling Department. By Sid Riley

At Tuesday’s meeting of the County Commissioners the proper organizational placement for the Animal Control function became a much discussed topic. Two years ago the function was added to the duties of Chuck Hatcher, the Director of Parks and Recreation, and Recycling…without making any adjustment to his salary. For each of the past two budgets this condition has remained after salary adjustments were requested but denied in annual budget review sessions.

This function involves enforcement of county animal ordinances, and at times involves unpleasant, public sensitive situations. It requires a director with the ability to make fair judgments over emotional issues, and the ability to deal with the public in the proper manner. Chuck Hatcher has been doing a good job in these regards. He just wants to be paid for his work.

After extended discussion the Commissioners decided to relocate the function to Code Enforcement, under Mel Roberts.

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